Offensiveness Week – Exhibit E: Cuntext is Everything

If you’re offended by the (admittedly not very funny) pun in the title of this blog, then…well, read on. This blog is for you, and I will address the title later.

Swearing is today’s topic of discussion; more specifically the C-word. The reason that this came up as a point of interest is that  I recently ended up in a debate with two friends on two separate occasions about the matter. One thought that I should not use it quite as flippantly as I did in the title of this blog, and the other thought that it should not be used at all. I both like and respect both of these people, so I’m going to try and address their concerns in this blog. It’s likely to contain a few more instances of the word, but whilst censoring myself by saying “the C-word”, I shall simultaneously try to prove that it is possible to do so non-offensively. Paradoxes!

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Offensiveness Week – Exhibit D: Cross about Religion

(Oh, you don’t know about Offensiveness Week? You’d better read this first)

In yesterday’s Exhibit, I briefly mentioned that Laci Green had been accused of Islamophobia, but didn’t really go into it. There were a couple of reasons for this – the first being that it would’ve made the article another million words long, but also that I felt the only reason it had come up in discussion was that people were looking for reasons to be offended and had again stumbled upon one thing she said a while ago under different circumstances, and got angry.

But that’s yesterday’s news.

I bring it up today as a prelude because I want to talk about religious taboo, and more specifically this guy.

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Offensiveness Week – Exhibit C: The Greens, Tumblr, and Social Justice

(What’s Offensiveness Week?)

Last week, amazing author/videoblogger/man John Green posted a brief blog on his Tumblr about a woman who is also a videoblogger called Laci Green (no relation). Laci made almost 150 videos on her Youtube Channel about sex and sexuality. I hadn’t seen her videos before the following events occurred, but she always spoke with a great positivity and openness on the subject, something I very much admire.

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Offensiveness Week – Exhibit B: Racism in Sign Language

(If you missed Exhibit A yesterday, click here, and if you don’t know what’s going on, read this quick introduction.)

At the end of yesterday’s blog I asked you to imagine what the sign language for “China” might be. This is the answer…

Unless you already have some knowledge of sign language, this was probably impossible to guess. Fair enough, that was the idea. But how surprised will you be when you find that it used to be pulling back of eyes, to make them look slanted? Yep.

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Offensiveness Week – Exhibit A: Amanda Palmer

Welcome to Monday, and the first exhibit in this week of blogs. If you don’t know what’s going on, read this short introduction.

Today’s discussion is all about a music video that was released last week by Amanda Palmer, of Dresden Dolls and wife-of-Neil-Gaiman fame. She’s also an amazing musician in her own right, and in September she is releasing her new album “Theatre Is Evil” with her friends at The Grand Theft Orchestra; She’s been releasing a couple of tracks from the album, and this video was for one of them: Want It Back. Continue reading

Offensiveness Week – An Introduction

(first things first, super-mega-congratulations to my father Jeff Ollerton for getting a promotion today- he is now a Professor! You can congratulate himself yourself if you want by leaving a comment at his excellent blog. Now, on with the article!)

One thing that I enjoy (and will most likely be a source of irritation for you as readers over this blog’s lifetime) is experimenting with different ways to blog: different formats, themes, that kind of thing. Whilst this blog doesn’t have any kind of rigid schedule, and I tend to just write things whenever I get a thought. However, next week I’m going to be breaking that rule, because they’re my rules and I’ll break them if I want to. Continue reading


On the first of January this year, I was on Twitter. This is not in any way unusual, because at any given moment in the last three years that I have had Twitter, I am 80% likely to be on it at any given moment. However, on this particular New Year’s Day, I received the following tweet from comedian Alex Horne:

click through for the tweet

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