Offensiveness Week – An Introduction

(first things first, super-mega-congratulations to my father Jeff Ollerton for getting a promotion today- he is now a Professor! You can congratulate himself yourself if you want by leaving a comment at his excellent blog. Now, on with the article!)

One thing that I enjoy (and will most likely be a source of irritation for you as readers over this blog’s lifetime) is experimenting with different ways to blog: different formats, themes, that kind of thing. Whilst this blog doesn’t have any kind of rigid schedule, and I tend to just write things whenever I get a thought. However, next week I’m going to be breaking that rule, because they’re my rules and I’ll break them if I want to.

What I’ll be trying is this- every weekday over the next week, I am going to write a series of short blogs over a theme of “offence”. Each one will focus on a different “exhibit”- a kind of scenario or incident that has recently occurred. Each will emphasise a different aspect of offensiveness, and in each I will discuss exactly what it is that offends people, why they get offended, and what kind of reactions occur. I think it’ll be an interesting exploration into the murky depths of taboo, whilst also offering my own thoughts on each real-world issue.

So that’s going to be the deal over the next week; come back here Monday for the first exhibit of Offensiveness Week.

(and that picture up there? It’s a man taking offence. Thanks to Sam Schafer for that one.)


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