Umbrellas, A Levels and The Bum Bum Train

Last week was a hell of a week. So much stuff has happened that I meant to blog about, but then stuff kept on happening which got in the way. Now I’ve got a moment to take a breath (and a working Internet connection, no thanks to Virgin Media), I thought I should chronicle the last week in seven mini-blogs. So here’s what’s occurred to me this week…

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The Music Exchange I – Patrick vs. Katie

A new project/regular feature on the blog (I hope)! Two things made this arise: firstly, I like music, and I like discovering new music. Secondly, I am kind of fascinated with how reticent people normally are when they’re asked what kind of music they like; you’ll note that people give wishy-washy answers like “Oh, you know, a bit of everything…”. So what am I doing with those things?

Well, I’ve asked my friend Katie Campbell (who has appeared on this blog before, as our resident swearing expert) to send me five of her most favourite songs, and I’ve done the same to her. We’ve listened to each other’s songs and given short reviews of what we thought. Below are the results of this experiment. Katie’s reviews (my songs) are in blue, whilst my reviews of hers are red.

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Thoughts On Love

Happy Esther Day! Today, Friday the third of August 2012, is the third ever Esther Day. Quick background: Esther Earl was a teenager and a big part of the community surrounding the Vlogbrothers, two awesome brothers who make videos about geekiness, books, science, and life. Among other things. Their fans are called Nerdfighters (fighing for nerds, not fighting against them), and I have been a proud Nerdfighter now for about three years. Esther was also one of many many Nerdfighters around the world, but she was by all accounts an especially awesome one. John Green (one half of the Vlogbrothers and someone you might remember from my earlier blog Offensiveness Week Exhibit C) actually met Esther a few times, and she made a few vlogs in her lifetime too, all of which exhibited her brilliant and unique nature

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