Race to a Million

Race to a Million, or RtaM, is a super-smashing imaginary gameshow that I semi-invented. We used to play it plenty over at a fan forum I frequented before that died a whimpering death, and now I want to play some more.

If you’ve never played before (or even if you have, since there are some changes), I’ve put together an Instructions page– go read that, then come back here and watch the game unfold! I’m going to constantly update this page, so the newest game is below, until a new Round starts at which point I’ll archive the old one.

Season One Scores

Players Twitter
Season Position Rounds Played
Nat @nathanielyeah 312,000 1st 1
Sam @schafersam 25,000 2nd 1
Katy @KatyFunnell 19,000 3rd 1
Lucas @Bragonic 7,500 4th 1
Lego @lego6245 0 5th 0
Amberley @Pickalillyy 0 5th 0
Rianne @flossty 0 5th 0

Round One Over

Players AVx  Round
Season Position Notes
Katy 1.00 19,000 2nd BOMBED
Lucas 4.00 7,500 4th BOMBED – Win The Penguin!
Nat 4.00 312,000 1st BOMBED
Sam 1.00 8,000 3rd WINNER!

Nat picked box 16, and it went a bit explodey. That means that he is out, loses 6,000 points, and makes Sam the WINNER of ROUND ONE! Woohoo!

*crowd goes wild*

Congratulations Sam; you’ll note that whilst your 18,000 point bonus for winning isn’t in the Round Scores above, it is in the Season Score at the very top of this page.

Round Two will start soon, but first Lucas has a minigame to play! Lucas, it’s time to…


In this very simple minigame, you (Lucas) are presented with one million points. Well done! However, you may only take that once you find the penguin which is hidden under one of the 24 boxes below.

Under the other 23 lie bombs- every bomb you hit in search for the penguin will lose you 40,000 points from that bank total. When you find the penguin, the minigame stops and whatever you have left will be added to your total.




16 – BOMB (-40,000)
9 – BOMB (-40,000)
5 – BOMB (-40,000)
12 – BOMB (-40,000)
20 – BOMB (-40,000)


On his first five picks Lucas was less than successful, hitting five bombs in quick succession. That’s 200,000 off your million, bringing your bank to 800,000. Next five numbers, please!

Waiting for Lucas…