Welcome to Race to a Million- an internet gameshow, where the aim is to be the first to a million points! In this game, you will compete against three other opponents to get the most points, and (crucially) get past that 1,000,000 threshold first. When it’s your turn, you score points by picking numbers off this board.

Josh made this. It's great.

Each of these boxes has some kind of effect underneath it. That effect might be nice and straightforward (10,000 points, thank you very much), or it might be something mean (skip your next three turns, oh woe!), or it might activate a minigame (little separate things that get played at the end of each round), or it might do…well, literally anything! The effect of a square can never be second-guessed, and new boxes are made every day.

When it’s your turn, you will be notified by the @rtamillion twitter account, which is the account to tweet your choice to. You have 72 hours to do this from the point that you are notified- failure to do this will result in a strike against you; two strikes and you’re out. Also, a box will be randomly chosen for you on that first strike. Once I get that choice through, I’ll update the RtaM page here on Professional Echo with the contents of the box, and what that does to the scores of each player. It’ll then be the next player’s turn, and they’ll be notified by the twitter account, and so on…

Whilst you can’t predict exactly what will be in each box, there are two things that you can be certain of- firstly, there are four bombs, somewhere in the grid.

Before the game starts, you will be sent a Direct Message on Twitter asking for a box number; under this box will lie your bomb! If one of the other players hits this, they lose 6,000 points and are eliminated! The bomb is the end-game for the player that hits it, and the last player standing will find themselves winning a whopping 18,000 points for their trouble.

The second thing to note is that on the scoreboard, you will have a number by your name marked AVx. This stands for All Value Multiplier, and is crucial to your score. Every turn that you score points, the value of those points will be multiplied by your AVx. When each Round begins, that AVx will be 1.00, so all points you get will be at face value. However, there are boxes on the board that could make your AVx any other number under the sun; sometimes this’ll be good; any AVx over 1 is great news for you, because it means your points are being multiplied, but an AVx like 0.50 means that everything you score will be halved in value, which is kind of a raw deal for you.

(sidenote: there is a slight exception here when you get into boxes that have negative points within them, but in order to explain that further you can see this optional and confusing addendum, RtaM Mathematics)

That’s one Round of RtaM, but you will play multiple Rounds in one Season, with the score for each Round getting added to your final Season Score; this is the number that you’re trying to get to that sweet, sweet, million. When somebody passes that total, the Season will end and we shall have a winner!

It’s as simple as that, so get to signing up! Send a tweet to @rtamillion, and await your call!